OpenSource project to provide secure online communication tools for people and groups working on far-left political projects.

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We have what you need to get things done!

This is a project by and for people working on social change.
Secure communication is an indispensible tool for activists and groups to communicate and organize.
Security matters, not least because it's always necessary to be prepared for government repression.
That's why we started this project and made it public!



Need to host a blog, website or any other service? We have servers for that.


We provide secure email accounts for political activists, accessible via Webmail and IMAP.


Mailinglists can be a crucial tool for communication within a group.

Instant Messaging

We have a Jabber server for chatting and a Mumble server for VOIP. Both services can be encrypted.


You're interested in using our services or want to get in touch with us?
Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!